Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping finds

WHOOSH! Its been a busy few weeks over here!
I know i've promised new products, and they are coming! Its been so busy I haven't found the time to finish the packaging and labelling and "cooking" of everything I want to bring to you!

I did think, however that i'd share some recent finds on icraft and etsy.

I've been big on brown and brights for a while and aren't these the cutest little pot holders in just that colour theme?

In an attempt to reduce plastic, why not get yourself some resusable bags? Market bags and grocery totes are available from many handmade sellers and they're handy for lots of things besides groceries. You can bring your reusables when you shop for other things like clothes and toiletries too!

Okay, these are just the coolest EARRINGS>... LOL! THey make me giggle!!

The suns has just come out after a day of rain... I sure hope it sticks around for a while!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank you & more indie crafts!

Just a short note to thank all those who took advantage of the IndieSmiles promo last month! Enjoy your fabulous body products! Its been a busy month at Naturliche & more products are on thier way!

The more involved I am with icraft, the more I fall in love with Indie crafts. I was browsing the site today and found this delicious looking necklace that I just had to share with you all ~ SIMPLY SILVER. You can find it in the Silver Soul Design shop on

You can always take a browse around icraft and find something new, something different, and everything handmade!

Happy Friday everyone! Stay tuned monday! I'll have some goodies here for you!