Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Teasers

Well, its just past 11pm here and I'm winding down from some "cooking"!!

Here's just a quick post to tease you with what's been going on in my kitchen!
These are tasty little foot scrub bars in Ocean Breeze.

Naturliche.com is now being re-directed to my icraft store.
If you haven't checked out icraft yet - you really should! It is similar to ebay or etsy, however, ALL the items you will find from sellers are handmade goods. There are no supplies, no re-selling of wholesale goods. Just good, real, honest to goodness handmade stuff!
check it out! You might just open a little store of your own!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Charity Basket

Thought I'd share this gift basket I created for a school fundraiser silent auction.
What's in the basket?
bath salts, bath fizzies, soap, foot scrubbie, body lotions in strawberry splash, ocean breeze & sex on the beach and a wash cloth in matching color.

Hopefully this will help the school raise some funds!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday! Store Sneak

Good Morning!

Well, another busy weekend for me.
I picked up two supply orders, cleaned my craft space and dining room and kitchen ~ built a new cabinet (much needed vertical storage), and whipped up 6 new lotions & 2 logs of yummy soaps!

All these nifty goodies will be on the website soon ~ I am just awaiting a label order & WHOOMP there it is! yeah! What's that? Oh yeah, I said website!! I have registered the Domain Name www.naturliche.com and that will eventually be the home of my cyber store. Websites take alot of time - especially for someone like me, who is FAR from tech savvy. I will have that re-directed to my site on icraft.ca shortly. If you look just to your right, you will see a lovely new logo on my sidebar. Clicking on that link will direct you immediately to my "store" on icraft.ca.

Currently I have posted two lip balm flavors & my bath fizzies. The posting for fizzies will be changed. I have decided for a couple of reasons, that selling the fizzies in singles is not resonable. First, I am struggling to find the right packaging for them. Shrink wrap makes it looks just darn ugly. And if i don't seal them from moisture, who knows what will happen in shipping! So.. currently they're listed in a package of four - this will likely change.

Yes, I know, its strange, I'm showing you my new store, and telling you NOT to buy just yet! I promise, its just around the corner~